10 Things I Wanted to Tweet: Part 1

April 23, 2014

So I gave up social media for Lent, and I have to say…it was hard. But it was also life changing. That sounds crazy to say, but it was. I won’t be the same after this 40+ days without the endless stream of information we’ve come to think we need. I learned a lot. I learned the things we all do when we unplug from the noise and see what’s really important. I realized who and what is most important to me. But I also had a few revelations that surprised me. One was that social media has really great, redeeming qualities. There are friends and family I love who don’t live nearby and our schedules rarely allow us to connect face-to-face. I missed those people deeply. I missed seeing their kids do silly things and all the other stuff we post day-to-day that allows us to have a window into each other’s lives. And I missed sharing those things. And CLEARLY, you missed me. Right? (Smile and nod.)

I know that for over a month you have been sitting sadly in front of your screen wishing you knew what I was doing that day. I know you couldn’t sleep wondering what crazy thing Brynna said or I did in response to something crazy Brynna said.

Alas! Take heart, dear ones. I took notes!

Things I wanted to tweet:

Me: aren’t you supposed to be cleaning up? BG: I got distracted looking at how pretty I am #AtLeastShesHonest #GottaWorkOnHumility

Silly Sock Day (I have no other words)

Kids should come with earplugs #Seriously #NotKidding
Fake lips are always funny
Everything you say must be true. But everything true doesn’t need to be said. #TrueThat
What you permit, you promote. #WhatAreYouPermitting?
Yep, this is church. Yep, it’s Texan Day. #IDontEvenKnowWhatThatMeans #OnlyInTexas
I’ve worn cowboy boots more in a month in Houston than…well…ever.
“OUTCOME is God’s responsibility. OBEDIENCE is mine.” @craiggroeschel
Me: Uncle Parker and Brittney are engaged. They are going to get married. BG: Quick. Take a picture of me like this and send it to them. #excitedface

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