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17 Things Kids Steal

December 22, 2012

They are thieves. Albeit cute ones, but thieves non-the-less.
There should be fine print somewhere that explains that kids take stuff.

1. shoes
2. scarves
3. anything long enough to be attached to the head and called long hair (i.e.: head phones, ribbons, ties)
4. cardigan sweaters
5. food (or so I’ve heard from other people…not my non-eating child)
6. your coat – and only when it’s coldest and you think you might get frostbite without it
7. aprons “because they hang down like a princess’s long dress”
8. headbands
9. iPads
10. iPods
11. iPhones
12. the chargers for above mentioned iThings
13. pillows
14. covers
15. the good spot in the center of the bed, and eventually, the whole thing
16. your sanity

…and your heart

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