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18 Questions I want to ask Brynna

January 16, 2013

  1. Why?
  2. Are you serious?
  3. Really?
  4. Where did you get the idea to “decorate” the house by tying all the doors closed with ribbons, cords and scarves?
  5. Seriously…why?
  6. Where is my other nude pump?
  7. Where is my black scarf?
  8. Who are Zasey and Cayzon?
  9. Why are Zasey and Cayzon always in trouble?
  10. Why does it require screaming when Zasey misbehaves?
  11. Is Zasey hard-of-hearing?
  12. Are YOU hard-of-hearing? (that would actually explain a lot)
  13. Where did you learn to be so bossy? (Scratch that. Don’t answer that one.)
  14. Why were/are you so opposed to being a little kid?
  15. Where are you in a hurry to get?
  16. A dress every day?
  17. Is it necessary to change clothes 3 times a day?
  18. Do you have a speed other than fast? (Don’t answer these either. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea…

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