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3 Things I Learned From a Kid (this week)

November 20, 2014

1. Waiting doesn’t have to suck. Waiting is an inherent part of adoption. But when Brynna looks at our adoption process she doesn’t just see waiting. She sees what she’s waiting for. She sees her new sibling and what our family will look like. She draws four people because she knows what’s on the other side of the waiting. And when I see things her way it’s a beautiful picture.


2. You don’t have to have a reason. That’s where we go wrong as adults. We pause to consider why we’re doing it or where it will lead. Brynna doesn’t need a reason to wear goofy glasses and earmuffs to the store. Or super girl pajamas to a birthday party. 5 year olds don’t need logic to be themselves. Maybe we should follow their lead.


3. Passion matters so follow it. A few months ago we pulled Brynna from her competitive gymnastics team so she could try a dance class. She’s never wanted to do anything other than gymnastics but contrary to how she acts, she’s only 5! She obeyed. She did everything the dance teacher instructed. She went in; she came out. And at least once a week she asked to go back to the gym. After 4 months, we conceded the point. Gymnastics means 2 nights/4 hours of practice a week. It means catching up to girls who were already older and now have 4 months more training. But even with that, she doesn’t just go in and come out. She bounces in and runs out. She practices at home and can’t wait for Mondays and Wednesdays. If it’s harder but you love it, do it. That’s who God made you to be and the desire He placed in your heart. Follow it.



Imagine if we all learned to do a few things their way…

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