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7 Rules of Being Playground Best Friends

December 17, 2013

BFF = Best Friends Forever
BFFFM = Best Friends For Fifteen Minutes (or until someone’s Mom says its time to go)

There are a lot of intelligent quotes about friendship. Friendships are born in the midst of tragedy. Friendship is forged over long distance rather than close proximity. Friendship is the product of similar personality and interests.

The very sophisticated people who researched and wrote those quotes have obviously never spent time at the mall play area. The rules of being playground besties are simple:

1. Ask – There’s this unspoken code. One child asks “Do you want to play with me?” and another responds. If he says no, it’s not cause for tears. He wanted to do something else; on to the next potential friend. If he says “sure,” GAME ON.

2. Names are unnecessary – Everytime I ask Brynna the name of the kid she was playing with, I get a look like she’s really trying to figure out if I’m mentally stable. It makes no sense to her. Why would you need a name to play with someone?

3. Age doesn’t matter – You don’t pick who will be at the play area at the same time. You choose from the friend pool you’re given. If she’s 2 years younger than you, you crawl through tunnels. If he’s older than you, you’re going to have to run faster because Tag is his middle name.

4. It lasts as long as allowed – The length of friendship is dependent solely on when someone’s mom says it’s time to go. In a good scenario, you get the “two more minutes” warning. Other times, it’s more abrupt.

5. No dress code – You can be friends whether you just came from pictures with Santa in a fancy dress or you came from school and your uniform pants are dirty and falling off because they don’t fit right.

6. Help each other – If someone falls down, friends help them up so you can keep going. Making fun serves no purpose. There’s a game in process.

7. It doesn’t matter that you smell like feet – And they do. They all do.

What matters is you’re there, and you’re willing to be a friend. It’s that simple.

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