Real Mom has one main purpose: to provide support, encouragement and hope –  whether you have kids, want kids, have kids in Heaven or in your heart. Whether you’re a mom or not, life is less about WHAT you do and more about HOW you do it. It’s about laughing when you want to cry; it’s about pushing through when you want to quit. It’s about obedience and sacrifice and doing what’s best even when it’s not simple or easy. Real Mom exists so we can walk together.



Hi Friend!
I’m so glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay awhile. I hope you find something here that makes you smile, brings a tear or lifts your spirits. My passion is for each of us to know that we may be less than perfect, but we can be more than enough. In the good, bad and all the times in between, there’s always something more if we’re willing to look for it and then chase it down. (Look and chase…and all the moms of toddlers said “Amen!”)

So if you’re beginning to feel like you’re the only one who thinks that way and maybe that makes you a bad person, I hope you find some CONFESSIONS you can relate to. (Spoiler Alert: I promise you aren’t the only one!)

If you need a little moral SUPPORT to make it through the day (or hour), I hope you find a piece of advice that helps or a story that makes you smile.

Some days you know what you need to do but just need a little pep talk to get there. I hope you’ll find ENCOURAGEMENT to meet you where you are.

And then there are are those days. The ones you can’t plan for. The ones you hope against hope won’t come. I’ve had a little experience with those, too. Some issues aren’t solved with a Clorox wipe or pep talk. Sometimes people get sick. Sometimes babies don’t wake up. Some days you hurt in places you didn’t know existed. I hope you find HOPE. I hope you know that even when it’s the darkest, you are not alone. There is hope beyond what you can see.

And then there’s ME+MINE. I’m pretty much exactly the person you’ll meet in these posts. I really did use fabric softener for a month before I realized it wasn’t soap and all our clothes weren’t actually clean. My kid really does say those things. But here’s a little more about me just in case…


  • Jesus. Not in a cheesy, churchy way but in an I-would-be-jacked-up-without-Him way.
  • David. Standing beside him is one of the things I’m most proud to do.
  • Brynna Grace. She’s got more spunk, heart and joy for life than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m so grateful God let me be her mom.
  • my People. They make me laugh until my stomach hurts, they aren’t afraid to tell me when my outfit isn’t cute, and they know all my junk and love me still.



  • Dr. Pepper (confession: I wanted to put Dr. Pepper on the “love” list…)
  • date nights with David
  • popcorn with extra butter at the movies
  • margaritas
  • reading by the pool in the sunshine
  • cute jeans. (confession #2: I once took a job because you got to wear jeans on Fridays)
  • fresh flowers


  • feet – at all. Keep ’em to yourself and we’ll all be fine.
  • coffee
  • things that smell like coffee
  • being cold
  • Black Friday (I know…that’s random. But true. Next time you have a minute or 42, I’ll explain)

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