A(nother) Brother and a Sister

February 7, 2013

Today is another one of my favorite days.

When you get married, it could be apples…could be oranges. You can marry into people who become family or you can have a strained relationship with people who you never quite feel at home with. I got the former. My husband’s brother has become my brother. I’m so glad for the day Parker was born and am grateful to call him my own.  (Note: Parker’s not real keen on photos, so I don’t have many and he will probably have much to say about my using this one. But it completely sums up who he is – he has the biggest heart and he loves to make people laugh – especially his mama!)

Every family marches to the beat of it’s own special drum – a rhythm that each members dances to. In our family, I am the big sister. In every sense of the word, I take my role seriously. Vikki is adopted and actually only 2 months younger than me, but you’d never know it – partly because we function like two parts of the same whole and partly because she looks more like our mom than I do. (My mom has been known to tell people she was just in labor for 62 days!) Vikki is mine to love, protect, defend, teach, encourage and every now and then infuriate. She is mine. My little sister. I praise God for the day He created her and the day He grafted her into our family.

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