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March 26, 2012

In photography, backlighting is…
1) spot lighting in a photograph that illuminates a subject from behind.
2) a more advanced photography technique that requires a subtle manipulation of a scene’s light.
3) lighting that when effectively implemented, can enhance the finer details of an object or a scene’s more delicate features.
4) not the focus of a photograph, but the ambient light around the subject.

God wanted to capture beauty, so He made you.  He wanted to showcase His love, so He created you.  He wanted to picture the essence of His character, so He formed you to be like Him.  He wanted all to see the finer details of who you are – the delicate features that make you so special.  In order to do that, He needed someone not to steal your spotlight, but to shine on you.  He needed someone willing not to be the center of attention, but to be the ambient light around you.

God wanted to capture beauty, so He made you.  He wanted His light to shine upon you, so first He made your mother.

Backlighting is…the essence of a mother.

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  • TOLIVER FAMILY April 9, 2012 at 1:54 am

    wow…love the correlation. you are sooo good!