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Be Kind…Rewind

August 11, 2010

Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks) that you wish you could just hit “rewind” and start over?  I had a day like that yesterday…

To understand yesterday, you need a little background.  In June, our A/C was on the verge of going out. We learned it was because our house actually needs two units, so we had a second until installed.  Last week, the older unit began making sounds that could rival a freight train and by Sunday it was so loud, it woke David and I from a sound sleep multiple times.  We couldn’t risk another sleepless night, so we moved our family of 4 to the dining room.  David and I slept on the sofa, Brynna slept in a pack-n-play in the bathroom and Miles slept on his doggy bed next to me.
So Monday began on the sofa.  I woke to what sounded like my kid crying in the bathroom, only to shake the cobwebs and realize my kid was, in fact, in the bathroom.  I’d cry, too, if I woke up staring at a commode instead of my pretty green bedroom walls.  A nice A/C repairman came to look at our problem and after much discussion, it was determined we have to replace the older unit.  (Awesome, right?  If you attend the FC Downtown Nearly Wed Seminar this fall, get ready for a lecture on the importance of an emergency fund…or two!)  The work was set to begin the next day, but in the meantime, the motor was broken and had been removed.  Bottom line – no A/C in two-thirds of the house.
BG and I ran errands in the afternoon, choosing only locations with fully-functioning air-conditioning and came home around 4pm.  We headed to the pool since it’s 153-degrees in Dallas and really, there isn’t much else to do.  While she swam, I watered the plants in our backyard.  At one point, she got very still at the end of the pool opposite where I was.  Both of these things concern me.  1) She usually swims the perimeter of the pool, staying close to where I am.  2) Brynna is rarely, if ever, still.  I went to investigate, and Oh, how I wish I hadn’t.  Surrounding her in the water, was a brown cloud and small floaters popping out of her swim diaper.  Yes, you made the leap.  She actually did that.  I spent the next 15 minutes, stripping her down, hosing her off and trying to find a happy place in my mind.  As I took the trash out to the alley, I was met by 5 electric trucks and a man who informed me that there was a problem with a nearby transformer.  What that meant for me was that 45 minutes later, half-way through bath time, the power went out.
Because we only had one unit working, the house got very warm very quickly.  I hurriedly rinsed off my moving target, packed a bag and headed to a friend’s house to wait out the outage.  Well, I headed to the garage, where upon entering, I realized AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOORS REQUIRE ELECTRICITY!  It was pitch black, I was hot, Brynna was crying, it was the longest day in history…I was not about to try and find the manual release and hoist the door up, so I grabbed the wagon and dog leash and walked the block to the Batista’s house.  When we got home at 11pm…we went straight to sleep…on the sofa.
So here’s the timeline…
A/C is loud
Sleep on the sofa
Wake up to Brynna crying in the bathroom
A/C unit must be replaced
No air in most of the house
BG poops in the pool
Learn power will be out for hours
Garage door won’t open
Walk in the heat
Spend the evening somewhere other than home (which was all I wanted)
Spend the night on the sofa…again
And here’s my version of a rewind…
Since my A/C was loud, we got it looked at before something major went wrong and did more damage.
The sofa I was trying to sell on Craigslist is the size of a twin bed, so because it hasn’t yet sold, we had somewhere other than the floor to sleep.
Brynna slept all night in a room (that happens to be a bathroom) that is fully air-conditioned, windowless, therefore dark, and the perfect size to fit a pack-n-play.
While it wasn’t our immediate plan for the money we saved, God has blessed us with the resources to pay for this unexpected expense.
Because we had the second unit installed in June, we were not completely without air.
There is a beautiful pool in our backyard that Brynna can poop in, and I am able and available to clean it.
I was fortunate to have warning the power would go out; I was able to throw together Plan B.
There is a door on my garage, which houses my fully-functioning car and is attached to the roof over my head.
While our walk may have been hot, but it was 7pm-hot not 3pm-sweltering, and Miles and BG love a walk for any reason.
God has blessed us with friends, good friends, who at a moment’s notice allowed us to spend the evening with them and even set up a bed so Brynna could get to sleep on time.
The power came back on, half the house was cool, Brynna never woke up although transported back home, and my hubby and I got to snuggle a little closer…on the sofa…again.

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