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Because Sometimes Parents Need a Pep Talk

December 16, 2013
At this point in the holiday season, many parents are spent – physically and financially. As is the general state of parenthood, we are overwhelmed. So imagine my pleasant surprise when, waiting in my inbox today, was an email from a pastor at Second Baptist Church. He didn’t preach, give statistics or remind us of the reason for the season. He just wanted to say “way to go!” And I don’t know if you’re like me, but I kind of needed to hear that. 

 Good morning Parents! 
 Merry Christmas!  I’d like to break from the norm and tell you something that you may need to hear. 

Way to go!  You have made it through one more year of parenting!  I know that it may have been rough with challenges, tragedy, victories, and joy, but you made it! 

Thank you for not giving up, for not laying down and quitting and for loving your kids the way Christ would have you do it.  I know that it’s taken sacrifice and endurance, perseverance and lots and lots and lots and lots of prayer and now you have made it to the end of another year. 

Single parents, thank you for playing both roles, struggling to find the right balance between compassion and tenderness and tough love and discipline.  I know it’s not easy.  Don’t be discouraged, but know that your loving Heavenly Father is with you, cheering you on. 

Dads, thank you for stepping up and leading your families spiritually as you pastor them with passion and focus.  Thank you for loving your wives selflessly, laying your lives down for them and presenting them spotless as Christ has called you to do.  Stand firm. 

Moms, thanks for going above and beyond to care for your homes and children and for loving your husbands, warts and all (we have a lot of them)!  Thank you for being patient, understanding and loving and for exemplifying nobility as mentioned in the Proverbs.  Well done!

Now take a deep breath and rest in the truth that God has made provision for wherever you are and however you feel; tired, worn out, content, struggling or at peace.  His hand is strong.  His love is perfect.  His provision is enough. 

Jonny Marks
Family Pastor – Woodway Campus
Second Baptist Church

Before you rush to dismiss his encouragement because you aren’t doing all of those things, reread the last paragraph again. “…rest in the truth that God has made provision for wherever you are and however you feel…” You don’t have to have it all together first. You don’t have to clean up or have all the answers. The most beautiful thing about God is that He sees our junk and loves us anyway. 

Join us. I promise you won’t regret it…

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After all, Christmas is the best time of year to go to church. 
There’s a crowd, extra cool music and usually cookies! 

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