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Better to Give Than Receive

November 1, 2013

Brynna had her costume (back) on and started asking to go trick-or-treating about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. I say “back” on because she had already been a ladybug earlier that morning to gymnastics. She also went to school in costume, twice to church and around the house the day it came in the mail “just because.” Say the words “dress up” and she’s there. No explanation needed.

She was bouncing around the house, couldn’t sit still to eat and when her Aunt Vikki called to Skype, she spent 4 whole minutes screaming excitedly and running in circles. (I’m kind of painting a picture of a puppy…) With all that enthusiasm, you’d think she loves candy. Or you’d assume that we had big plans to meet up with friends or go to a particular event. The answer is D: none of the above. We had already done all our fun with friends, so the plan was to walk around the neighborhood and be back for regular bedtime.

We held her off until 6:30 – a feat in and of itself. David looked over at me and said “Are you sure you want to stay and hand out candy? Do you want to walk with her?” At this point I introduced myself to the man I’ve been married to for 12 years because clearly he had forgotten who I am. Stay in a quiet house, watch NCIS and pause occasionally to greet cute neighbors…or walk. Outside. Surrounded by little people hopped up on sugar. Hmmmmm….let me take a minute to think…….(I can fill you in on last week’s NCIS if you’re interested.)

David and Brynna made the rounds and she ended up with a bucket loaded with candy that she will never touch. They then went quickly over to her grandparents’ neighborhood so she could ring their doorbell. While there, they walked to a few houses, at which point Brynna started doing what she does best. She gave it away. She would ring the doorbell, and when it opened with an adult ready to give her candy, she reached in her bucket, pulled out a handful and said “This is for you! Happy Halloween!” She repeated this until Daddy said it was time to go home. When she got back, I said she couldn’t answer the door until she was ready for bed. She hurried like she never has before so she could be there for the next Captain America that came to the door. And when Brynna gives, it’s not a piece or two of candy. She reached into the bowl and grabbed all her little hands could hold, and kid after kid, she gave it away. I asked if she wanted to keep some of the M&Ms (the one thing she will eat). She said “No, Mama. I want more kids to come so I can give them more.”

How different would our lives be if we let ourselves be thrilled with excitement just to dance in a tutu?
How much joy would we have if we didn’t need a “thing” to motivate us to go say hi to the neighbors?
How much more would we GET if GIVING was our goal?

When was the last time you rushed just to be there to bless someone else?
When did you last give away the very thing you had been given?

There is wisdom in the faith of a child. Don’t miss it. They are handing it out like candy. 🙂

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