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March 31, 2013

I recently made a joke to friends in DC about Texans and bluebonnets. I explained that like so much in the Lone Star State, it’s both pride in all-things Texas and a tradition that most people don’t even think about. They don’t know when it started. They don’t know why. They just know that when they were little, their parents plopped them in the middle of a grassy area with blueish purple flowers so they plop their kids in the middle of the same flowers. If you are friends with anyone Texan on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you’ve probably seen evidence. And let me clear up what you were thinking: Yes, that’s the side of a highway. Yes, they just pulled over, sat the kids in the flowers and took a picture.

We moved to DC when Brynna was one, so I have pictures with monuments and cherry blossoms but no bluebonnets. Well…I HAD no pictures of bluebonnets. After exactly two weeks back in Texas, BG’s grandma fixed our egregious error. We are staying with David’s parents while we are homeless (David prefers I call it “in transition”) and Honey K asked if she and Brynna could take a day trip with friends last week. I hesitated approximately 2 seconds before I agreed and began planning my day off. I knew they were going to tour an ice cream maker but honestly, I had no idea where they were going. I knew Honey K would take care of her wherever they were, and I knew I could sleep in. Done.

Imagine my pleasant surprise when these were the shots she came home with. I wasn’t born and raised in Texas, but it’s now official. I’ve got a photo of my kid in the bluebonnets. Someone make me a badge with a star on it!

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