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Breathing Room

March 25, 2017

Have you ever needed a minute? Have you ever found yourself running at the speed of life and wanted to press pause? Have you ever just needed some breathing room?

I did. I didn’t realize how much…but I did.

A few months ago, I decided to take a break from social media. It wasn’t a fast or anything that spiritual. It wasn’t planned. I didn’t post one of those cute “See you in a month!” pictures on Instagram. It wasn’t even conscious at first. I had one more week with my family in town from Australia, and I didn’t want to miss a single moment with them.

So I put the phone down. (The social media apps, that is. I mean, a girl’s still gotta text. And play Toy Blast while giving the baby her bottle. I know…that’s embarrassing. I blame the 8 year old – she put it on my phone. But I digress…)

I didn’t realize I’d been holding my proverbial breath, but after a week or so, I discovered I had some breathing room. I had space to form my own opinion before being inundated with everyone else’s. I had room to move at my own pace instead of the one set by some crazed lunatic with way more energy than this mama. (Seriously. I’m tired at the end of the day. Like, can’t move, please no one talk to me for 12 minutes, I might just sleep on the sofa to save walking to the bedroom. Tired. I can’t fathom starting my “second work day when the kids go to bed so I can run my own company and be a girl boss.” Listen. I’m a girl. And a boss of two tiny tornadoes. Second work day my… Sorry. I’ve digressed again.)

The point is, whether I realized it or not at the time, I needed a minute. I found a way to press pause and doing so taught me more than I could have ever been smart enough to plan in advance. I’ll post the specifics of what I learned soon, but for now, know this. If you need a minute, girl, take one. Or 12. My unintentional few days away from social media has lasted 3 months. (Clearly, I needed several minutes.) The world will keep spinning on it’s axis. It may look different for you – maybe it’s not Twitter or Facebook. Maybe for you it’s letting someone skip soccer practice or miss a dance competition. Maybe it’s turning off the television, but find a way to press pause. Give yourself some room to take a long overdue, well deserved deep breath.

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