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Lay Down

I have a friend going through an extremely difficult trial. I absolutely hate knowing that someone I love hurts, and I can’t make it better. But those are the times my prayers are most raw. Those are the times when I pray not out…

November 7, 2013
depression Encouragement Hope life lessons

Deep in the Heart

It was hard to leave family and friends when we decided to move to the East Coast, but we wanted to embark on an adventure. David and I have never considered ourselves people who need to live super close to family. We can visit…

March 27, 2013
depression Encouragement grief Hope life lessons

Tell Your Stories

You know that adage “Don’t say ABOUT someone what you wouldn’t say TO them?” Every now and then, I write something that I know one day I’ll have to explain to Brynna. Sometimes it’s a crazy antic of hers. I’m sure she will love…

February 19, 2013
cancer depression Encouragement grief Hope life lessons

Dates of Desperation

We celebrate a lot of things. Birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, first steps… We commemorate the times in life when we are happiest. On these occasions I am usually the first to order the cake. I sometimes even celebrate a good Tuesday with a cake. (What?…

November 1, 2012