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If it wasn’t for Texas…

There’s a country song that lists all the things Texas is famous for – the Alamo, Austin City Limits, the yellow rose and lonesome dove.  The song ends with these words…It made me the man I am: Thank God for my old stompin’ ground.…

November 2, 2010
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REAL Therapy

As greatly therapeutic as writing is for me, it, like every other attempt at self-help, can only go so far.  There is only one place that could give me peace that goes beyond my expectation and true joy in place of sadness.  After posting…

August 18, 2010
depression Hope Me+Mine

Dance in the rain

With those who know me best, we say I am brown on the inside. We joke that inside, I’m a black girl, my outsides just got confused so everyone sees a white girl. This becomes glaringly evident the moment it rains. Most girls have…

July 12, 2010