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Say My Name in Australian

Ok…before you go trying to find an Australian-American translation guide, let me admit that there is no such thing. (I don’t think. Although there should be.) We all speak English, so Regina in Australian is…Regina. It’s actually kind of an inside joke. When my…

July 15, 2014
Encouragement grief Hope life lessons

The Heart of a Mom: Part 2

Every woman has the heart of mom within her. We were designed to nurture life. The way we walk that out, though, looks different for each of us. Some women choose not to have kids; some nurture life in a doctor’s office or classroom.…

May 8, 2014
cancer Encouragement Hope life lessons

Be Loud

Zoe is loud. She comes by it naturally. Her mom is loud, her brother and cousin Brynna are loud. Some might even say her Aunt Gigi is loud. (me? noooo!) Zoe is a different kind of loud. She laughs loud like AJ and talks…

December 3, 2013
cancer Encouragement Hope life lessons

Give Thanks

I’ve explained before that I have a tradition with my friends. When we are struggling or stressed, we ask others to start an “I’m Grateful” day. There is something therapeutic and motivating about hearing the praises of others. Thanksgiving is our country’s version of…

November 28, 2013
cancer Encouragement Hope life lessons

Silver Linings Playbook

I never saw that movie. I actually don’t really know what it’s about. But I love the title. I want to live by that playbook. I want to take my cues based on the silver linings rather than the clouds. My niece, Zoe, is…

November 25, 2013
cancer Encouragement Hope life lessons


This weekend’s one thing: God is bigger. “Than what?” you ask. Bigger than whatever just popped in your head. Bigger than the thing you use as a trump card when you think no one, ever, could possibly understand or help. Bigger than the thing that’s so…

November 23, 2013
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Who Holds Tomorrow

My niece, Zoe, is a survivor. Not like in the dreamy “little girls are resilient” way. Like in the Zoe kicked cancer in the face way. We walked through some really dark days a few years ago. My family held hands and we prayed…

November 21, 2013
depression Encouragement grief Hope life lessons

Lay Down

I have a friend going through an extremely difficult trial. I absolutely hate knowing that someone I love hurts, and I can’t make it better. But those are the times my prayers are most raw. Those are the times when I pray not out…

November 7, 2013