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Why Somedays Motherhood is War

Hundreds of publications have been written about kids who are strong-willed and high-spirited.  I’ve read them.  Dr. Dobson and I spend lots of time together – him telling me I’m not alone and me searching the pages of his book for renewed strength for…

October 15, 2010
discipline strong-willed Support


Brynna-tude: | bri-na-tood | a show of individuality manifested in boisterous actions and behaviors; typically loud and attention-grabbing, often unbecoming, usually embarrassing (for her or me…or both); most always funny (after the fact) Exhibit A: Gymnastics Brynna has more energy than her little body…

September 29, 2010
strong-willed Support

Lady of the Night

We’ve had an interesting couple of months at Casa de Johnston. Around the middle of May, Brynna decided that eating was overrated, so she stopped. Literally. Completely. She would go days without food, drinking only Lactaid milk and watered down apple juice. Yummy, right?…

July 16, 2010