Real Mom Confessions

September 24, 2012

I get excited every time the UPS man pulls onto our street. Even if I didn’t order anything. You never know. Someone somewhere could love me enough to send me something out of the blue. How exciting would that be?! And when/if that happened, I’d be so glad I stalked the UPS man from my upstairs window and knew it was my door he was coming to even before he rang the bell!

I potty-trained BG at 18 months just so I could stop changing diapers.

You know the “it’s-too-quiet” sound that likely means something is wrong? Sometimes I don’t go check just because although destruction could be occurring, at least it’s quiet.

Sometimes I curse our friend across the street because just as I get excited that the above-mentioned UPS man stopped at our house and maybe this was the day that package showed up out of the blue, it’s to deliver his latest Amazon purchase. Ugh. Dream crasher!

Girls night reservation – 6:30.
Time I left to get to a restaurant 10 minutes away – 5:30.

The other moms at ballet class think I’m very busy but I’m just playing Bejeweled on my phone.

Being a mom is harder than anything I’ve ever done.

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