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January 7, 2014

Even though she’s watched it 375 times, I don’t mind The Parent Trap. It gets worse…by Parent Trap I mean the Lindsey Lohan remake. (In my defense, it may just be that it’s not Barbie. I can’t watch another Barbie movie. I can’t.)

I don’t want to say the picture is pretty 12 times. Once, at the end…that’s one thing. But every 5 seconds drives me nuts. “Isn’t this so pretty?” “Do you like how I colored her hair?” “Now look…”

While BG was sick, I held or sat with her while also watching Big Love on the iPad with one ear bud in. The show’s not even good. And I can’t get that time or brain space back!

I don’t let anyone else feed Miles (the dog) people food but I do it.

I didn’t help Brynna make cupcakes because it was a fun activity. I wanted to eat cupcakes.

I want to sit in a room by myself. Just quietly by myself.

I want one whole day where I’m not followed, crawled on, hugged, kissed or touched.

I miss having only myself to consider.

I miss going to work.

I want to work on something until I finish or choose to stop rather than working until someone needs something so I have to come back to it later.

I just want to think about what I want without first thinking about how everyone else’s schedule or feelings will be affected.

I hate the “mom guilt” that comes with wanting those thing.

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