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June 18, 2013

My arm is asleep and I have to pee but I’m going to tough it out because the alternative is that she wakes up…and you can’t go back from that.

I’d rather give her back the Barbie than see her sad. I don’t teach her because it’s easy or it makes her like me. I do it because is’t best for her.

I regret the day I showed BG how to do a sidewalk chalk outline of a person. I don’t want to trace another person. Ever.

I have been known to bribe.

The older I get (or the longer I’m a mother), the more moody I get around my period. (Sorry if that’s TMI. After delivering a child with 27 people in the room, modesty is relative.) I’m sure the moodiness means something about hormones. I’m just trying to give advance notice. Consider yourself warned.

My kid’s feet smell. Bad. And I don’t know how to help it so she just keeps wearing shoes that smell and making them smell worse.

I seriously considered having another child today just so BG would have someone else to beg to play Chutes and Ladders and leave me be for 37 seconds. But then I snapped out of it and we went to the park.

I think she’s gorgeous and a genius. I know…I’m “that” mom. But I do.

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