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Dance Break

September 26, 2012

Last year I attended a Bible study on Wednesdays. When I felt led to stay home again with BG, the first thing I did was put her on the list to go with me to the Bible study come fall. Knowing how great the kids’ program is, I was so excited about the opportunity for her to learn how much God loves her, learn how to sit quietly and talk with Him, learn to love the Bible as much as I do and so much more.

I should have known that she’d be the one teaching us.

I dropped Brynna off at her class this morning and overheard the teacher say, “Maybe we can see some more of your dance moves today.” As I walked away, I thought the comment was kind of misplaced. How would they have seen BG’s dance moves in a Bible study class? I hurried to my own session and all but forgot about it until we dismissed for small groups. A woman came from across the room, touched my arm and said, “I have to tell you that your little girl melts my heart.” She went on to explain that she had volunteered in the toddler class two weeks prior. When the children sat down to sing songs, BG stood up and asked the teacher if she could dance. While they sang “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,” Brynna danced. And they all – kids and adults alike – watched. She said it was the cutest display of freedom she’d ever seen. Brynna was expressing her own joy and it spilled over to everyone else.

Her words have rung in mind all day. How often do you let God’s peace flow through you? How often do you feel like dancing (or crying, singing, etc) but suppress the desire? When was the last time you let yourself have a dance break? What stress, worry or strife might it help relieve? How much would it bless someone else if you did?

Go ahead. You don’t even have to ask the teacher. Just stand up. And dance…

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