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Dates of Desperation

November 1, 2012

We celebrate a lot of things. Birthdays, anniversaries, first dates, first steps… We commemorate the times in life when we are happiest. On these occasions I am usually the first to order the cake. I sometimes even celebrate a good Tuesday with a cake. (What? Sometimes you just can’t wait until the next big event. You just need cake.)

But what about the days that aren’t so happy? What about the moment she was diagnosed with cancer? What about the day he left? We don’t circle those dates on the calendar and plan to honor them. Most times we try to forget those days even when they sneak up on us.

I heard someone speak recently about the Jewish faith. Like no other group, Jews know the benefit of remembering. They celebrate not just the times when God delivered them, but also the times when they were most in need of His care. It got me to thinking. What if we recognized not just the days that make us smile but the ones that bring us to our knees?

Dates of Desperation are the times you needed God the most. And regardless of the outcome – whether he answered as you hoped or His plan looked different than you wanted – He was there. We miss so much if we only recognize the times we stood up straight. Dates of Desperation are the day you were flat on your face. And by remembering them, it reminds us how to depend on God. It teaches us not to take for granted the happy times or the ones in between. It gives us perspective.

So what are your Dates of Desperation? Whether it’s a graveside tribute, a day of fasting or cake…honor those days. Because they remind you that you can’t do it on your own. And you don’t have to.

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