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Diaper Genie Houdini

July 27, 2010
For those uninformed about the specifics of used diaper receptacles (also called “diaper pails” because someone thought that sounded better), let me give you a quick lesson…
***The Diaper Genie is a trash-can-like device with a small opening at top just big enough to fit a diaper. You lift the lid, insert the diaper, twist the top and the Genie magically wraps each used diaper in a specially designed trash bag, containing the oh-so-wonderful smell of 20+ diapers.
***The Diaper Champ is another option for disposing of the smelly leftovers of our little ones. The Champ, however, does so by use of a handle and weighted shoot. You place the diaper in the shoot, flip the handle and the weight forces the used diaper to the bottom of the pail where it joins its other diaper friends.
Here’s the bottom line – The Genie requires the use of two hands, special bags and a master’s degree. The Champ is cheaper and easier, so the Johnstons got a Champ.
Brynna has learned how to flip the Champ‘s handle, so after changing her yesterday, I placed the diaper inside and let her do the flipping. Normally, I hear a fairly immediate squeal of delight as she proudly shows me that she did it her big girl self. This time, I didn’t hear her. In the World o’ Brynna, no noise is usually the first sign that something is wrong, broken or about to meet its doom, so I turned to investigate. Brynna was pulling on the handle with all 20 lbs of her being, trying to force the Champ to turn over. I had to help her turn it, but we eventually sent the diaper on its way and went on about our day. When the same thing occurred last night, I assumed we had a diaper traffic jam. I opened the Champ, expecting to see that we had once again reached maximum Pamper capacity. Instead, I found 3 unused diapers hanging out with the smelly ones! It seems my little Houdini enjoys the magic of “now you see it, now you don’t” so much that she has been running to her bedroom and disposing of diapers in her free time.
After taking a moment to laugh and tell her no, I then informed her I’m taking the price of those diapers from her college fund. Diapers ain’t cheap!

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