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Fashion Show: Two-Year-Old Style

March 28, 2011

I love clothes.  They tell so much about a person – how confident he is, what kind of day she’s having.  They can make you feel more pretty, more comfortable or more fun.

For kids, clothes are equally as creative and fun; they just don’t know why yet.  If you have ever passed an embarrassed mom in the grocery store followed by a 4-year-old in rain boots, a ballet tutu, baseball cap and a cape, you’ve seen fun at its best.  Although I prefer a more put-together look, my child falls in this girls-just-want-to-have-fun category.  I say this because today has been the Brynna Grace Fashion Show.  (sorry I don’t have more pictures to share)
We started the day in Minnie Mouse pajamas.  When it was time to take off the pull-up and put on panties, the first compromise of the day occurred.  After negotiations, we headed downstairs with footie pajamas crammed into snow boots.
After breakfast and a few good laps around the house, the pajamas were getting warm, so the boots and jammies came off.  The next hour was spent in nothing but Foofa panties.
Since it’s 30 degrees in DC, I thought it may be a good parenting move to make her put some clothes on, so we went back upstairs for the day’s second negotiation proceedings.  This time, I count as a win for me.  We settled on a white t-shirt and black pants with a leopard, fur-lined tiara on the butt.  (Thanks, Uncle Bub and Liz!)
Halfway through Princess and the Frog, my little princess decided she needed pretty shoes like the movie.  (They don’t call her mini-me for nothing!)  She was gone for a bit only to reappear in patent red Mary Janes, singing, “Mommy, I’m pretty!”
We’re now on costume change 4 of the day.  After going up to her bedroom for a book, Brynna just came downstairs in new panties, no pants, the same white t-shirt (because she can’t get shirts off yet) and silver sandals.  The sandals are hard-soled, so she’s currently performing a pantless tap number in my kitchen.
I’ll keep teaching her lessons along the way.  I’ll take a few dozen trips to the grocery store like that mom with the kid in the rain boots.  I’ll even argue with a teen-aged Brynna one day over what’s cool and what’s appropriate.  But today, I’m just enjoying the show.

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