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Gag Reel

October 24, 2013

I may not be on Pinterest, but it’s mainly because if I tried to learn one more “thing” I think my head may explode. What I lack in “pins,” though, I make up for in tweets. And recently, Instagrams. (Is that how you say that? Or is it ‘grams’ when used as an object? Like tweets for Twitter? Oh who cares.) The point is that I post stuff.  I like that I can go back and see a record of where I’ve been. I like that I can have a conversation with people I love far away and people I don’t yet know but can’t wait to meet. Somedays there’s a lot to say. Other days, not so much. But that’s how conversation works.

There’s rarely a day I don’t take a picture. They just aren’t all noteworthy. And by that, I mean I couldn’t come up with a funny tag line. They are my own, personal gag reel. That isn’t so personal, I guess, when you share it on the internet…  ??

We were shopping and she said, “Mom! Take a picture of me on a zebra!” So I did.

When you’re in a pinch, photograph yourself. With a slightly creepy smile.

 That’s Rob & Ginger’s living room. aka: AWESOME

That’s Brynna. In a pumpkin. With a window.

Brynna has an imaginary sister named Zuka. I have no idea where that name came from, but imagine my surprise when this was on the wall outside her classroom at the yoga studio.

It’s candy corn. So the centerpiece is corn. Get it? Oh, who cares. It’s pretty.

The box that the costume came in is in shreds just outside the frame of this picture. She barely got it out of the packaging before putting it on. And has asked everyday since when she gets to wear it.
Why they both didn’t just stay in bed a few more minutes, I’m not sure… 
But this proves my point about everyone needing to be in my office.
Just watching football and eating ice cream with friends
Another shopping photo shoot
Because you can’t go to the zoo and not ride a sea lion

Poor Miles. She doesn’t just torture him. She documents it.
Nothing makes a quesadilla taste better than a balloon on your head.
I’m really not sure. I just took the picture as requested.

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