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Give Thanks

November 28, 2013

I’ve explained before that I have a tradition with my friends. When we are struggling or stressed, we ask others to start an “I’m Grateful” day. There is something therapeutic and motivating about hearing the praises of others. Thanksgiving is our country’s version of a Grateful day – regardless of where you are or what you’ve been through, it’s a day set aside to give thanks. It’s a day to pause and step back from the normal routine of life. But unfortunately, some routines can’t be stepped away from. Sometimes you are in the midst of a struggle you can’t put on hold. There is no pause button on divorce, unemployment or cancer. Those are the days when you need a little help. You need to hear the praise of others to help motivate and heal your spirit.

My family is in one of those seasons. Zoe can’t put traction or spinal surgery on hold. My sister and brother-in-law can’t step away from the hospital routine. There is no pause button. A Grateful day is in order and it just so happens, the entire US decided to join us! I may not be able to go to Australia, but praise doesn’t need a plane ticket. (Look at that! Zoe is bridging international boundaries and she’s never left her bed!)

So today, on Thanksgiving Day, these are a few things I’m grateful for…

camera phones
Skype & FaceTime
AT&T myfi (I don’t actually know what you call it, but this little white box means I can connect to the internet in the middle of a hay field)
Brynna’s laugh
AJ’s innocent spirit
Zoe’s smile
real Dr. Pepper
warm socks
indoor plumbing (it’s cold out there!)
reading glasses
enough food to eat and share
my fingers (the keyboard is how I speak)
David’s hug
my dad’s wisdom
my mom’s heart
watching Brynna dance with Nia and Nala
Autum, Colby and Chassidy
snuggles with Miles
high heels
tall boots
biscuits & gravy
my girlfriends

(my list is CLEALY not in order of importance!)

So now it’s your turn. Will you please list a few things you’re grateful for? You can add it as a Facebook comment or here below. You can tweet them with hashtag #ImGrateful or you can take a pic and post them on Instagram. Just know that the more you praise, the more you help my sister (and everyone around you) do the same. The more you praise, the farther away the worries get. The more you praise, the more you see the good and the less scary the bad seems.

ps…this is not rhetorical. I’m literally asking you to literally post the things you’re literally grateful for.
pps…this is not a writing contest. There is no great wisdom in my love for Dr. Pepper.
ppps…when you’re done, share this post so my sister can see how many people all over the world are willing share their praise
pppps…I don’t actually have another note. I just wanted to put “pppps”. but while I’m here – What are you grateful for???

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