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How You Say It

April 13, 2012
It’s not just what you say…it’s how you say it
I’ve heard that phrase most of my life.  It usually refers to my tendency to speak before thinking or share more of my opinion than someone wanted to hear.  As Brynna learns and grows, though, I see the concept in a new light.   It’s not just what she says, but how she says it that will stick with me long after she’s spread her wings and learned to fly.
Fifteen years from now, I’ll remember exactly how she said…
Kank you – She’s able to make the “th” sound, but for some reason, we still hear “kank you!” for every cup of milk, ride on her daddy’s bike or handful of treats (m&m’s).
Nulk – milk, or in Brynna’s case Lactaid.  Either way, she wants it with Carnation Instant Breakfast, please!
Nusmic – translation: music
Um…No kinks – Similar to “kank you” but shortened and in the negative.  I like that she throws the “um…” in there to make you think she actually gave thought to your request.
Dooze – “Brynna, do you like to ride bikes?”
                “Yes, I do”
                “Does Daddy like to ride bikes?”
                “Yes, he dooze”

Pooter – aka: computer

Love me – My all-time favorite.  Brynna learned to talk at a very early age.  (Not that we are surprised by that.)  There were a few things that she wanted to say before she really knew how or understood the meaning of what she was trying to communicate.  Each time we said “I love you” she would answer “Love me!”  As David left for work in the morning, he heard “Love me, Daddy!”  As I kissed her before bed, I got a hug and a “Love me, Mommy!”  I was proud but a little sad the day she learned that what she actually meant was “I love you.”

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