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I Wonder…

September 25, 2012

I wonder what she’ll be like as she grows and if she will still like girly stuff as much as she does now. I wonder if she will retain her flair for the dramatic. I wonder if she’ll be as good at gymnastics as it appears she will be. I wonder if she will have lots of buddies or a few lifelong sister-friends. I wonder if she’ll ever like more than three foods and what her favorite color will be. I wonder what career she’ll choose. I wonder what of our life today will be her childhood memories.

first day of preK 2012 – “I wonder what my friends will think when they know I’m a princess?!”

I wonder if she will be upset or embarrassed that I share stories about her with the world. I wonder if she’ll ever understand how much joy and peace her stories bring to people. I wonder if she will comprehend how many times I’ve heard that those stories changed, uplifted, saved someone.


I wonder if she will know how much I love her. I wonder if she will ever grasp the depth of my care for her. I wonder if she will understand that even before she was born, I put her needs above my own. I wonder if she will know that the therapy, the discipline, the battles and the scars were, are and will always be to make her better.

Drama. Over mac & cheese.

I wonder if she knows that no matter what the answer to any of these questions, I’m so proud of who she is, who she will be and that she’s mine.

Art project gone terribly wrong!

happy girl

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  • Janay McDonald Wilborn September 25, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    Love. 🙂