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Kaulah Tuhan ku

February 20, 2011

Sometimes we all have those moments – those times when we lose focus, get distracted and end up a bit off-track.  Lately, I’ve been so preoccupied with meaningless things, I found myself in one of those states.  Do you know the feeling?  You aren’t doing anything blatantly wrong but you feel like something isn’t right.  You lose patience with the little stuff of life to the point that you’re just too tired to think about the important things. You find yourself lacking joy for no reason other than you let the anxiety and stress overtake it.

I woke up the other morning craving music.  I realized that in my attempt to lessen some of the craziness that surrounds me (aka: 3 small, loud, blonde people), I have removed any noise I can control.  I haven’t played music as I often do because having it on would just be one more sound in my over-stimulated ears.  Today it’s as if God woke me up, gave me a song and lifted the fog.  He cleared the air so I can focus.  He removed the distractions long enough for me to see.
While attending a Christian service this morning in Kuala Lumpur, God gave me a glimpse of Heaven.  I stood holding my niece between my dad and sister, singing with people from all over the world.  Surrounded by voices from Malaysia, Finland, UK, Australia, China, the Philippines, America and beyond, we sang to One God.  We sang Kaulah Tuhan ku – You’re my God.
Ku sembah Kau Tuhan
Ku sembah Kau Tuhan
Ku puji, ku muilakan
Nama Mu
I worship You, O God
I worship You, O God
I praise, I exalt
Your Name
No matter what I see, Ku puji, ku muilakan Nama Mu.  No matter how loud it is around me, Ku puji, ku muilakan Nama Mu.  Even when it’s hard, when it’s not easy and I have to try harder than I thought possible… Ku puji, ku muilakan Nama Mu.  I praise, I exalt Your Name.

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