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Let them eat cake!

November 3, 2009

There is something about cake. There are lots of desserts, and they are good. I mean them no disrespect. But nothing beats a good piece of cake. It’s a perfect dance that when done correctly is irresistible. The cake has to be moist but not so much that it falls apart. The icing has to be flavourful but not too rich to overpower the cake. And there MUST be a perfect balance – not to much icing but not too little. I hear what you are thinking, and yes, I’ve given it this much thought. It’s that serious.

So today, Brynna and I went to Fellowship Downtown to volunteer as we do every Tuesday. We arrived, got our marching orders and I began to help while she played and distracted those who actually work at the church. I soon learned that there was cake in the building and that meant 2 things – 1) someone must be having a birthday and 2) Marianne made it. Marianne is known far and wide for her ability to throw down in the kitchen. She will put her foot in some dessert! (Translation for those uninformed – that means it’s real good!)

So Brynna and I rushed upstairs and were overjoyed to find not just cake – not just Marianne’s cake – Marianne’s yellow cake with chocolate icing. Angels began singing and I think I heard God say in a loud voice, “Well done, my good and faithful one.” At some point I must have handed off my child because halfway through my cake, I realized Chris (our pastor) was holding her. I then realized that in my haste to get to the dessert, I hadn’t been so attentive to Brynna’s diaper situation. My kid was stinking up the place while people were trying to eat. Oops!

But my cake was sooo good! It’s hours later and my tummy is still partying.

ps – Don’t tell Beth. This is not on the lose-the-post-pregnancy-belly diet.

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