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Love is…

August 30, 2012

Love looks like the perfect pair of shoes that ties the whole outfit together.
Love sounds like Brynna’s giggle. 
Love tastes like my mom’s cooking.
Love is that one pair of jeans that make you feel pretty no matter what you weigh, what time of the month it is or what else is going on in life.
Love feels like that spot on David’s chest where I lay my head and it’s like it was created to fit me alone.
Love sounds like “I’m sorry.”
Love feels like the presence of a friend who knows you better than you know yourself.
Love is that moment after Brynna’s thrown a fit and she finally relaxes and lets me hold her.
Love is when I’m tired, overwhelmed, exhausted and upset and Miles lays his head on my lap, looks up at me with big, brown eyes and sighs…because he doesn’t care about that other stuff.
Love feels like a lump in my throat when I can’t quite find the words to tell Taylor how proud I am of who she is.
Love is when you smile and wave goodbye with a tear on your cheek.
Love feels like the sting of spanking someone you love so much you refuse to let her be anything but her best.
Love is the moment when you admit you aren’t perfect, you can’t do it on your own and you let Jesus fill in all your empty places.
Love is 40 hours in planes and airports to hug the neck of the person who loves even the ugly parts of you.
Love sounds like “I do.  Forever.  No matter how hard.”

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