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Love & New Beginnings

March 25, 2011
Love.  New beginning.
I’m in this strange place in life where these two concepts are at odds with one another.  Love is when someone knows everything about you – even the ugly parts with no mascara – and they give you freedom to be that person.  Love is learning who you are in your most secret places and being honest enough to let another truly know you.  Love takes time.   To begin anew seems the polar opposite of love.  Beginnings are fresh palettes, clean slates.  Beginnings are a look forward.  Love is the result of history.
I am standing in that place between.  Between looking back and facing forward.  Between Dallas and DC.  I guess that leaves me somewhere around Tennessee. 
But here’s my epiphany of the day…Love would be sad if we only ever looked back and beginnings would never occur if we didn’t have the courage to do something new.  Newness added to love is what makes it amazing.  Love is what fuels the faith to begin.
New beginning are possible only because of Love. 

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