Encouragement life lessons


January 15, 2013

When he comes home from work, you choose.
When she wakes up in the morning, you choose.
When he breaks something that can’t be fixed, you choose.
When she gets on your last nerve, you choose.
When he disappoints you, you choose.
When you aren’t sure of the answers, you choose.
When she disobeys…again, you choose.
When you’re hurt, you choose.
When you need a break, you choose.

You. You choose.

Whether you are a wife, mom, sister, friend or daughter, you set the tone. You choose whether your home will be a place of peace or strife. You choose whether there will be sorrow or rejoicing. You choose. That doesn’t mean you always get to pick the circumstance. It means you get to choose how you react. And how you react, they will follow. Your husband. your kids, your family and friends. You set the tone and they will walk to your beat.

So the question is: what tone are you setting, mama? Does your family feel more faithful, patient and understanding because they are following your lead? Or are they anxious, timid and living in discord? If the pulse of your home is not what it should be, you choose.

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