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My Dad

November 24, 2010
God is my dad

As I look back at the last several blogs I’ve written, there is a consistent theme.  I have reached a stage in life where I am like a small child bragging that “my dad can beat up your dad.”  I’m like a proud little girl who looks up to her dad as the center of her world.  I watch Brynna look at David, and I see those eyes.  She bats those long lashes and smiles that adorable smile; and he gives her just about anything.  He does that because he loves her with a love he didn’t know possible until we had a child of our own.  And she looks at him with that adoration because in the span of her short life, she’s met no one who loves her more, provides better or cares for her deeper than her dad. 
Have you ever been so happy that you felt your heart had literally expanded an inch or two in your chest?  Have you ever experienced something and for the next several days, weeks or months it’s all you can talk about?  It’s not that people aren’t smart; you just feel like every time you describe the experience, you don’t do it justice.  You don’t see the same twinkle in their eye.  You don’t catch them running out to experience all you’ve described.  You assume that surely they didn’t understand how great the food, how awesome the vacation, how funny the movie…so you’ll tell them one more time just to drive the point home.
My niece doesn’t have cancer.  My goddaughter was born at 26 weeks and is at home, completely healthy.  My marriage is strong enough to withstand a move cross-country.  We sold our house 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  We got not less but MORE than asking price.  We bought a house at 3am that was in process of being sold to other people.  We are closing 4 days after Christmas at the sellers’ request.  Who requests that?!
God is my dadIt’s not that I think you can’t read or aren’t smart.  It’s just that my heart has increased in size the last few months as I’ve come to a realization I’ve never known as purely and truly as I now know it – My Dad loves me more, provides better and cares for me deeper than I could ever ask or imagine.  When I look in your eyes and you’re missing the twinkle, when I see your sadness because you’ve tried it all and nothing seems to make you feel less alone, when I watch you work to attain a love that can’t compare to the Love I’m talking about…I want to tell you one more time just to drive the point home.
My niece doesn’t have cancer and you don’t have to hurt because My Dad is bigger than illness.  My goddaughter is fully formed because My Dad made her like he made you – perfectly and wonderfully.  My marriage is strong because My Dad can take all the broken things and make them beautiful.  Our house sold for more than we asked because you can’t out-give My Dad.  We bought that house at that time from those people in that way because My Dad has a plan and a purpose that is higher than anything you or I can understand.
I will keep saying it as long as He gives me breath because My Dad is that amazing.  My life looks different not because I go to church or claim a certain religion or “do” anything but because I am My Dad’s daughter.  My Dad loves you and He wants you to know it. 
Email me, send me a message on Facebook or call me.  Or just stop right now, at your desk, in your office, in the middle of your day and ask Him to change your life, too.

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