My Sisters’ Mother

November 10, 2011

She’s all the things I want to be when I grow up – refined, poised, proper, wise and discerning.
She’s the kind of mother I aspire to be – nurturing, unwavering, steady and strong.
She’s a friend to those in need.
She’s a comfort to those who mourn.
She has a way of drawing out the better person in you without making you feel small.
She won’t gossip with you; she won’t get all your references about pop culture.
She won’t be your buddy because she knows what you need is more than that.
She won’t compromise or change who she is.
Her presence is calming even if only felt through a phone call.
Her voice is solace; her faith is contagious.

She is not mine because I was born of her.
She is mine because she was shared.
She is my sisters’ mother, and I am forever grateful to Tonya and Janay for sharing her with me.

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