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No One Told Me

February 21, 2013

I ran across some old notes today that never made it to blogs. This was one of them.
No one told me…
...there are some boo-boos you can’t fix. Tumors and babies born unable to breathe are not in the mothering handbook. No amount of kisses can wipe these away. Some ailments require you to go against every maternal instinct and let someone else care for your child.
 …some kids don’t eat. Brynna stopped eating and began losing weight. Doctors were concerned and so were her dad and I. Brynna had to undergo several procedures I wouldn’t wish on most adults to learn that there is no medical problem causing her eating issues, but rather a strong will and stubborn attitude. Suddenly people come from miles around to tell me stories of how their child stopped eating for months or would only eat hotdogs and waffles for a year. Where were you 2 months ago?
…moms can be way more rude than kids.
Not sure what was going on when I made that last note, but I’m so grateful those boo-boos got fixed and Brynna finally decided to eat something. (Barely. And very few items. But we broke the 30 lb. mark so I’m taking it as a win.)

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