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(Not so) Ordinary Days

September 28, 2010

Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t write if I don’t have something witty or deep to share.  I’m not sure who determined what I “should” and “shouldn’t” write, but in my head, I have honored the wishes of these people who don’t actually exist.  But last night, as I prayed with Brynna before bed, I recognized that I’ve praised God the same way for several days in a row…

“Thank you, God, for ordinary days.  Thank you for blessing us with the resources so I get to be here to witness it all.  Even when we have tantrums and arguments and meltdowns, especially when we have smiles and kisses and hugs.  Thank you for a healthy little girl so full of life it leaks out on the people around her.  Thank you for letting me be here for all the ‘normal’ stuff and everything else, too.”
I have said before, it was a struggle for me to quit my job.  God called me (as He has before and since) to sacrifice me and follow Him.  I have done that – albeit, some days better than others – and I have never taken for granted the blessing it is.  But I still think like me.  I still think that our routine of wake up, breakfast, play, run around town, lunch, nap, run around town some more, play, meet daddy at the door, dinner, bath, bedtime is nothing special.  I still assume there’s no need to write about such an “ordinary” day.
But last night, my perspective changed.  These are not-so-ordinary days.  There’s something spectacular about the blessing of getting to watch a child of God grow.  Even at her worst, when she’s tired or cranky or just has that infamous Brynna-tude, we are blessed to be doing it all together.  So I’m going to do better about documenting even the days that feel average and ordinary.  Because these are the days I’ll cherish forever.  These are the days I’ll think back on as I tell Brynna how blessed I was to follow God’s call to first and foremost, be her mom.  These are the not-so-ordinary days…
first day of school with a new backpack!


“weeng!  i want to weeng!”

“what? who? me?”

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  • TOLIVER FAMILY September 28, 2010 at 9:23 pm

    love the ordinary days. i went to a conference with priscilla shirer and she said that too soon these days will be the “good old days”…stop rushing through life…enjoy today and life in the moment—the ordinary days. 🙂

    love these pics!!she’s such a doll.