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On the way into preschool…

September 20, 2013

Miles held his head out the window the entire ride and as I have so many times before, I thought, “I wonder if it would make me just as happy to close my eyes, stick my head out and just let my tongue flap in the wind.” I think it might. Who wants to drive?

I want a stop sign. As you enter Brynna’s school, there’s a lobby area and then it branches off to two hallways. If you arrive before 9:30, there’s a stop sign standing in the hall to block anyone but staff from going to the classrooms. According to the parent handbook, “This allows the teachers time to prepare the room and be ready for a day of fun with their little ones.” Can you imagine?! I’m getting one for the door to my office. And my bedroom. And my bathroom. I bet there are stop signs in Heaven. It sounds heavenly.

As we waited in the lobby, another mom and I exchanged small talk while BG and Andrew, who know each other well, hid behind our legs like the other had the plague. Catherine looked down and said, “I don’t intend to be mean, but sometimes I just have to require that my husband sit on another couch.” She continued to explain that she feels like someone is touching her all day long. She said “After all day of climbing, hanging, holding, pulling, pushing…I just don’t want anyone to touch me. Literally. For any reason.” I’m not mad at her.

Don’t. Drink. The. Water. Don’t loiter too long. Don’t breathe too heavily. There is something going on and I don’t intend to find out what. The number of pregnant bellies per capita is WAY higher than I prefer.

Everyone doesn’t kiss. I’ve noticed that everyone doesn’t even say “I love you” before saying goodbye. Tell them you love them, please. They need to know that way more than they need to learn the letter “L”. On the same note, BG is not one of those people. She is so pro-kissing that we have to hold seminars on who it’s appropriate to kiss. She will hold up the whole preschool machine, standing in the middle of the hall with her lips puckered until I bend down to kiss her goodbye. And I don’t mind at all.

…and neither does her Aunt Vikki  🙂


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