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December 14, 2013

This weekend’s one thing: First things first.

Priscilla Shirer said it this way: “It’s an adage quickly spouted and often as quickly ignored because we don’t know what we should prioritize or we don’t like what’s first in line when we do.”

What you do first determines what comes next. 

You have to first have a consistent bedtime if you want her to respect a curfew.
You have to first walk a mile if you want to run a marathon.
You have to first buy the groceries if you want to bake the cake.
You have to first require obedience at home if you want her to obey at school.
You have to first give God part of your morning if you want Him to bless your day.

What you do first is rarely easy. But what you do first is usually more important than what you do next. 


The quote above is from this book. It’s actually not a book but a study. If you want to give God part of your morning so He’ll bless your day but you don’t know how to do that, you can start here. It will walk you through some verses and questions. It’s designed to do as a group, so gather a few friends and do it together. Or, if you do it solo, you can find session answers here
If it matters most, but you don’t do it first, does it really matter most to you?
What do you do first? Or what do you need to start doing first?

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