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November 23, 2013

This weekend’s one thing: God is bigger.

“Than what?” you ask. Bigger than whatever just popped in your head. Bigger than the thing you use as a trump card when you think no one, ever, could possibly understand or help. Bigger than the thing that’s so big you don’t talk about it and still it feels like it’s consuming you. Bigger than the thing so small you think no one notices.

What if, just for these TWO days, you commit to sit the excuses on a shelf and think about ONE thing? What if you consider what could be if He really is bigger? What would change? How would life look different? What could you let go of or move on to? How would your thoughts change? 

Now, let me add a side note: I see you. You’re thinking “If I were to accept He’s bigger than my hurt and He doesn’t take it away, then He does me no good. That’s not a loving God.” Have you ever seen a kid learn to ride a bike? When he falls, you are big enough to pick him up; you’re able to take away the bike and drive him around for the rest of his days. But would he learn to ride that way? Does it make you less capable or less loving that you stay right by his side but let him learn through the skinned knees and bruised pride? It’s actually harder. But you can do that for him because you’re older, wiser, smarter, stronger, bigger.

God is bigger.

…than cancer and surgery and a little girl I love hurting so far away.
…than whatever it is that you think He’s not bigger than. He’s bigger than that, too.

God is bigger. 

Try it. For just two days. Look at everything you think and feel through the lens that even THAT – God is bigger than.

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