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November 16, 2013

What if…for two days…rather than trying to answer all the questions about all the things, what would happen if you focus on one thing?

This weekend’s one thing: Does it matter?

the laundry isn’t done
I need to call her back
I have to pick it up by 5pm
legos are EVERY.WHERE.
every blanket in the house is being used for a fort in the play room (or I’m told that’s what it is)
I will have to refold all of those blankets
we need groceries
she looks like she dressed herself (bc she did)
he’s taking forever
she’s SO LOUD
that’s not even the right words to the song
I can’t believe she said that on Facebook
I’m mad he didn’t notice
the floor is dirty
the house is a mess
I’m a mess

Does it matter? If it does, do it and do it well. If it can wait, if it won’t hurt anyone, if it doesn’t mean imminent death…does it matter? Really? Then let it be…just breathe…

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