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December 21, 2013

This weekend’s one thing: People are more important.

Brynna is 4, so sometimes she acts like…well, a 4 year old. She can be selfish and loud and completely unreasonable. She doesn’t have the capacity to think in terms of the big picture, so she responds to everything as though it were the end of the world. Now that I think about it, maybe Brynna acts just like all of us.

We have a saying to help her with perspective. When she threw a fit last week about not getting the shopping cart she wanted at Target, I pulled her aside and asked, “What’s more important?” When she talks back in an attempt to prove she’s right, I ask, “What’s more important?” When she argues with a friend over whose turn it is, I quietly ask, “What’s more important?” Each time I ask, Brynna knows the answer and she responds, “People are more important.”

How different would our lives be if we could all answer that question like Brynna and remember it when our allegiances are put to the test! Especially this weekend before Christmas, what can you do to remind yourself and others that people are more important?

Don’t let the people get lost in the planning of a party for them.
Don’t forget the people you’re cooking for when you’re overwhelmed in the kitchen.
Don’t lose sight of the people you’re buying for….they are loved ones not just marks on your To Do list.
Don’t miss that all this holiday hustle and bustle is about PEOPLE. A PERSON was born and it changed PEOPLE forever. That’s MORE IMPORTANT.

People are more important than decorations or lights. People are more important than presents and wrapping. People are even more important than traditions. Think about that ONE thing for the next TWO days and BREATHE…because all the stuff will get done or it didn’t matter than much anyway. People are more important.

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