Operation Not a Bum: Day Six

October 19, 2009

I may need to rethink the title of my little workout operation. While I went to class today, I can’t say in good conscience that I am not still very much a bum. I have never wanted to skip a class so bad in my life. And that’s including all those high school and college days where I so clearly knew more than the teacher!

Although I wanted desperately to stay home, I drug myself to the Y and without (much) complaining, I hopped on the elliptical. I decided this was not the day for a podcast and cranked up my ipod with some upbeat music. Soon, I had forgotten all about being tired and was just glad I’d made it to the gym. Oh, wait. No. People who say that are kidding themselves and others. I choose to tell the truth. I was more tired after the cardio than before and still counting the minutes til I got to leave. (Maybe I’m not so far off from those college days after all.)

Beth must have sensed the general feeling of lethargy in the group today. While she by no means took it easy on us, she did let down her guard and told us she had a corndog at the fair. Right after that, though, she looked at the girl doing shoulder abduction and asked what she was doing. The girl’s answer was “resting”. Beth looked at her like she was speaking French and said, “Resting? There’s no resting. And you’re doing those wrong so now you have to start over.” Beth chooses to tell the truth, too.

The shoulder abduction was only one of the things we did today. Beth decided since we had an odd number, it would be best to do a circuit instead of paired exercises. Right. Because what other option did we have with an odd number? I offered to go home so they’d be even, but Beth didn’t hear me because I said it in my head. I may be grown, but I’m still scared of the teacher.

So lived to tell of another day. The circuit came close but didn’t actually kill me, although I’m still confused as to where a medicine ball got it’s name. There was nothing medicinal about squatting and raising a big heavy ball. Now had I been allowed to throw the ball…? That may have made me feel a bit better.

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