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Photos Worth A Thousand Words

April 3, 2015

BGCapitol500I love words. I love to give life to thoughts and feelings by giving them a voice. But sometimes…every now and then…there literally aren’t words. Sometimes you have that feeling in the deepest part of you and you can’t quite describe it. Something grabs you and you are mesmerized. You can’t put into words the sense of peace, the hurt, the awe…

Nothing renders us speechless like our kids. The love you have for that small person you get to call your own…we humans have yet to come up with a way to describe that adequately. In those moments we have to just trust that the emotions God gave us are deep enough to convey how we feel. We have to engrave the image on our hearts and hold it there.

For most things, I have a thousand words. (or more!) But some photos are worth more than a thousand words. Some pictures stay with you long after the sound of a voice trails off. If you’re able, find at least one of those images today. Hold it, look at it and just let yourself enjoy that moment of quiet. Our babies are babies for only a moment. Our kids are not kids for long. Even when you’re tired and rushed and stressed and haven’t washed your hair in a week…remember to stop. Pause for a moment. Remember some photos are worth more than a thousand words and cherish these moments for the treasures they are.

This is one of mine…

photos worth more than a thousand words

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