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Pillow Problem

January 23, 2014

My name is Regina, and I have a pillow problem. My last pillow purchase was 2 days ago.

Like most addictions, it’s easy to explain to just yourself. But when you see it through someone else’s eyes, you begin to get some perspective. My parents, brother and his wife came to visit this weekend. The first thing my dad said when putting luggage in the guest room was, “Can I get a pillow? I just don’t think I have enough pillows.” He was kidding, of course, but I did have more in the closet waiting for just such a request – begging to be called in off the bench. We hosted a Christmas party last month, and when everyone gathered in the living room to exchange presents, we pulled in extra chairs and found seats on sofas, etc. As 3 girls started to sit on the sofa, they awkwardly perched on the side until I suggested they throw the pillows on the floor, giving them more room. Of course minus the pillows, 2 more people had room to join them.

I’m not necessarily a pillow snob. I mean, I have standards. I prefer a down insert with a cover over a stuffed pillow. But I’m an equal opportunity purchaser. I’ll take a Home Goods sale just as quickly (probably faster) than a Pottery Barn limited edition. (You didn’t know there’s such a thing as a limited edition pillow, did you? See, I’m using my problem for educational purposes!) I’ve got Target pillows right next to Peacock Alley shams. I love them. I can’t help it. You can transform a room by changing the colors of the pillows. You can make a femininely shaped chair look more masculine; you can make an uncomfortable chair suddenly plush and comfy.

The problem is that pillows are the starter – the warm up. They are soft and comfortable. They are small and inexpensive (if purchased singularly. That logic is not as accurate when you go on a binge. Not that I know from experience. I’m just saying. It stands to reason.) They are pretty and unassuming. They add character without breaking the bank. But. They are a gateway drug. You start out with a cute pillow from Home Goods that matches your bedding. Next thing you know you’re buying new furniture because you need color in one corner of the room and there’s no chair to put a pillow on. (I’m speaking hypothetically, of course.)

They say admitting the problem is the first step. I’m not sure what Step 2 is in this case but I’m 2 days sober, and I plan to stay that way. Promise. Scouts honor.

(Until Spring. You have to change up the colors with holidays and seasons. That’s necessary…right?)

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