Pinterestingly Enough

July 17, 2014

Until 2 months ago I prided myself on the fact that I didn’t have a Pinterest profile.I didn’t know what it meant to pin something, I didn’t know how boards work, and I certainly didn’t know how to tag a friend in a pin so they see it too. (I’m still not even certain I said that last one correctly.) Pinterest was my one redeeming quality. It was the one area of social media I didn’t venture into (and therefore, must prove I am not engrossed in this crazy way of life. Right?).

But now. I have no redeeming quality.

Ok, I do. But not where social media is concerned. I stepped over the line and entered the dark side. And just as I predicted, it immediately stole 3 days from me. One minute I’m looking at cute shoes, the next it’s like I went on a bender and woke up confused about where I was and how Brynna came to be galloping through the house without a stitch of clothing yelling “I’m a naked horsey!” (true story)pinteresting

Either way, details aside, I did it. I started a board about stuff for the houseand then I saw a girl with cute hair so I started that board. Then I saw a picture of the YSL shoes that appear often in my dreams so I started a shoe board. (Are we surprised by this? No. Let’s move on.) On and on it went until my head was spinning with images and articles and ideas I’ll never have time to attempt or be able to pull off in a million years. And although I get overwhelmed at the mere mention of that many options and choices, a funny thing happened. I found useful information. I found some good books to read. I saw cute ideas for stuff to do with Brynna. I even found a while stack of recipes even I can’t mess up, including a list of 45 summer meals you can make in the crockpot. (winning!)

And that’s when the music started to play, the credits began to roll and I realized the show was over. Pinterest had proven her point. She had provided information not just that flooded over me (although there was a fair share of that) but information that I could use. And then I figured out (because I’m quick on the uptake) why everyone kept saying I needed to pin some of the Real Mom posts. Because maybe one of those posts could meet you where you are – give you the encouragement, pick-me-up or support you could use. I hope so.

Happy reading. Happy pinning.

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