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Random Thoughts at 1am

January 13, 2011

It’s after 1:00 am and I can’t sleep.  Anytime I say I can’t sleep David’s immediate question is, “Why?  What are you thinking about?”  He should know by now that at times I am just not ready to be done when the rest of the world is.  But here’s the answer to the question none-the-less…

I really want a third euro pillow on my bed.  Pillows are expensive.

I am so excited about finding the dining room table tonight!  It feels so nice for at least one room to look like a normal home that I may hang out in there all day tomorrow.  Actually, scratch that.  I don’t want BG to spend too much time near the glass hurricanes on the console table.

NCC seems to be the church God is leading us to.  I wonder what He’s got in store…

Does VA do sno cones?

Why do I hear so many more sounds when David isn’t here?  What are my ears doing when I’m not the only adult in the house?  It’s worse today because of the wind.  I wonder how fast the wind is technically blowing?  The poor garbage men are going to have an awful time in the morning.  Pretty sure I hear trashcans blowing from one end of the street to the other.

The Strong-Willed Child says you should shape a kid’s will without breaking her spirit.  What if my spirit is being broken in the process of trying not to break hers?  I mean, who throws a 30-minute fit because she doesn’t want a bath?!  Seriously.  Rachel Ray could have cooked an entire dinner in that amount of time.

Tiring or not, I’m so glad Brynna is who she is.  I’m grateful she has that spunk and determination.  I like that she can’t sit still for story time.  I love that she will stay outside in the snow with purple lips and tell you she’s cold but refuse to get off the swing.  While I may get more rest and accomplish more in a day, I wouldn’t trade her personality.  I may request that it be molded without quite so much of a fight…but I wouldn’t trade it.

Ok.  I’m finally sleepy.  Goodnight.

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