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May 12, 2015

I share my mom confessions not to be snarky or sarcastic. I share them so you know you’re not alone. I share them to show you it’s ok to admit you don’t love every moment. We spend so much time and effort trying to present a picture-perfect image to the world. I share my confessions to let you know that I’m less than perfect and so are you and that’s ok. So these are my confessions…


I would rather pound my head against a wall than build tiny Lego castles.

I would rather build tiny Lego castles than watch a movie with 6 year old commentary and questions. (I don’t know who that is! I’m watching the same movie you are and he just walked in the room!)

I don’t want my shoulder to be a throne for the princess.
I don’t want my arm to be a racetrack for the horse.
I don’t want anyone to touch me.

The other day while we were driving, I prayed Taylor Swift’s song We Are Never Getting Back Together over Brynna like a prayer of intercession. She didn’t understand why I was so emotional, but I needed her to know that she is strong and confident and valuable and important, that she never needs to chase someone who doesn’t love her like she deserves, that she can walk away even if they beg and say nice things. I needed her to know that the words “I love you” should never involve or allow or excuse someone hurting you. I needed her to understand she’s worth more than what anyone else thinks of her. I needed her to know she can say “We are never getting back together” to a boy and mean it. (This topic might be a little touchy for me. Maybe.)

In other news…I really don’t like being Room Mom. (confession x 2: I’ve written and erased that 3 times because I’m scared someone will see. Of all the crazy things I share, that’s what I’m worried about the other moms knowing…)

“And um… (followed by a pause to make up what you’re going to say because you interrupted me but don’t actually have a reason)“ are the most annoying words on earth.

Maybe, it’s a tie…also annoying is any word/phrase repeated 1600 times. (WHY?!?! It’s like she goes into a zone and doesn’t realize she’s still saying “fairly. fairly. fairly. fairly. fairly…” Meanwhile the rest of us are not in that zone and are LOSING. OUR. MINDS.)

I feel guilty when I don’t have a “crazy weekend” to report. I’m not saying it’s rational. I’m just saying that’s how I feel. It’s become this badge of honor to be “so busy” and anything less than 6 soccer games, a dance competition and 3 birthday parties on a Saturday is slacking off. But all the voices shouting something doesn’t make it true. And everyone else running at a certain pace doesn’t mean you should, too. Sometimes we have to be willing to say ENOUGH – not because it’s popular but because it’s best. More on that this Thursday…


What would your confession be? Leave a comment here or on social media.
Or just tell your closest girlfriend. But say it out loud. It’s good for the soul.

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