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Why Real Mom got a real office!

March 17, 2015

OMG. I am sitting in Real Mom’s new office space. As in, an office specifically set aside for the writing and work of supporting and encouraging women to be real moms. I’ve texted my husband at least 3 times to tell him it doesn’t feel real. He has assured me it’s real; he knows so because he had to hang all those frames on the wall while his OCD wife asked if they were exactly 2 inches apart and by the way to stop texting him during his conference calls. (picky, picky!)

Real Mom's real office

This is seriously my favorite place on the planet right now. Mainly because it’s so quiet. Let’s just take a moment to discuss that. It’s quiet. No toys that make sounds, no washer and dryer, no one asking me to stop what I’m doing to come watch them sit on the toilet. Thank you, Jesus, it’s quiet!

Real Mom's real office artworkIt’s also filled with artwork that makes my heart smile. When I told Brynna I was going to have a new office her first response was, “I’ll make you a painting for it.” She actually made me two. I had something completely different in mind, but every time I look over at that green painting and see those handprints or read that word “REAL” in her 5 year old penmanship, I am reminded why I do what I do. Before anything and everything else, I am a mom. And even if tasks don’t get completed or calls don’t get made, being a mom is a big deal.


Real Mom's real office artworkBut even though I love my original artwork and relish any quiet moment I can find, that’s not even the best part of Real Mom’s office. Do you know what sanctified means? It’s kind of a churchy word, but it means “to consecrate or set apart.” This place is sanctified. It’s set apart. It’s not where I also do laundry or pay bills. It’s separate. It’s sole purpose is for you – moms who are on my heart so often. It exists so you can know how much you mean to the world and to the small people you spend each day sacrificing for. This place is not mine. It’s ours. We have some things planned for the coming weeks and months – things I hope will bless and encourage you. And those things are possible because of this place and a God who would stop at nothing for you to know how much He loves you.

Real Mom got a real office because God really loves moms!

For a litte bit more encouragement, here’s a post from last year
to remind you how Unjust it is to be a real mom!

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    This Real mom is super excited for you! And I love the art work. So sweet!

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