Encouragement life lessons


November 20, 2009

I had a wake up call today. God called to tell me to shut up and stop my whining. I know you’re thinking that’s rude. God is so loving and would never tell someone to shut up. Oh, my friends…happens more often than I’d like to admit. God has my direct line and sometimes He has to get loud. It doesn’t mean He’s not loving. It means I’m stubborn.

For the past two days, I’ve been complaining. I’m tired; I’m sick of hearing a crying baby; I need a break. Brynna has hit the grossly over-attached phase of life, and it’s wearing me out. She wants my attention 24 hours a day. She wants me to hold her or be playing with her constantly, which means I can’t get anything else done. (I’m presently typing after just putting her down for a nap. It’s almost 3pm, and I haven’t showered.)

God just called to say… “Regina. Shhhhh!” Although it’s true that I’m tired and it’s overwhelming, I am also blessed beyond measure. I have a baby! So many women don’t. I have a healthy child! Was it that long ago Brynna left the NICU or my niece stopped chemo treatments that I forgot how to be thankful for every single day of health? I have a kid who wants my attention! How many women right now don’t know where their baby is and are wondering if she’s alright? So, yeah, God told me to shut up. I needed some perspective.

I talked to a friend this week who got a similar call from God. She’s hurting in her marriage. She’s struggling with loss of control and all the other fun things those vows bring with them. But what God had to say is, “Baby Girl, shhhhh!” There is no greater blessing for a woman than the love of a godly man. He will provide you with a lifetime of affection if you let him. He will protect and serve you if you let go of the control of how he does it. He will give you children and a place to call Home. His love won’t ever be perfect. He’s still a man. But how many women want that companionship? How many women would give anything for that bond?

I listened as a young woman who months ago complained of no income now complains about her work environment. God answered the prayer for a job. Did He mess up? Did he give the wrong blessing? No. He’s just saying, “Daughter, shhhhh.” You have a job! You have food on your table and clothes on your back!

Where do you need some perspective? Marriage, family, kids, work? Maybe it’s more hidden. Maybe you’re complaining to God about a problem you’re causing with your choices. Maybe you’re yelling about consequences when you made the decision that led to them. Maybe, just maybe, God wants you to hush. Be quiet. Stop talking. No more yelling. You can’t hear when your mouth is open.

And keep it shut. He’s not impressed with our ability to sit quietly for an hour. Anyone can do that. Keep that mouth closed for a few weeks and see how clear your perspective becomes. I bet whatever it is will turn out not so horrible after all.

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